Welcome to Open Mics UK

Welcome to Open Mics UK, an up to date listing of open mics happening near you, now or at least this evening!

Why Open Mics UK

How many times have you asked your friends or social media contacts if there’s any music on tonight? We’re not talking about gigs by named artists or even the local covers bands, we’re talking about open mic events where anyone can play and there’s usually no admission fee for punters.

This website, Open Mics UK provides an up to date listing of open mic nights in the UK.  If you want to quickly find out what’s happening in your area or anywhere just visit the home page or All events page and you’ll see a list of what is happening,when and where.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash
Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

It’s is aimed at musicians who want to find new and regular places to play and music fans who like live music and are open to watching new acts. Every big artist started out in small venues and there are some stunning acts playing on the open mic circuit.

You could be an experienced musician looking to get back into playing live or trying out new material or line-ups. You could be a new musician (young or old) who wants to try playing live for the first time.

Open Mics UK provides an up to date (to the best of our knowledge

Who am I?

I’m Dinesh Fernando. I love playing open mics and trade musically as Deep Sea Divers. Did I mention that I have an album out soon? No I didn’t but now you know.

Get in touch on hello@openmicsuk.co.uk

Also, if you have an event you want featured send me some details using our contact form.

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